Recycle and fuel the future!

At LaserCycle, we love the environment just as much as you do.  Our empties recycling program is the best in Kansas City. 

  • Pick up of empty inkjet or toner cartridges is available in the Kansas City Metro area only.  We collect empty cartridges, so give us a call. We collect empty cartridges, so give us a call, and we will pick them up when delivering your next order. You may also indicate you have empties by checking the "Empties to pick up" box on your order form.
  • Return by mail is available throughout the United States. If you are on the grēnk program, please use your enclosed ARS label. Otherwise, please call us at 800-219-9204 and we will provide you with a return label so you can send your cartridges free of charge through the United States Postal Service. We will also provide you the mailing address when we send you the return label.

    Note: Do not use the recycling return label for defectives or returns (RMA).
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