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  • Looking to improve your operating costs?
  • Frustrated by not knowing the cost of your printed output?
  • Wanting to cut costs, but don't have clear data or direction?
  • Needing to free up IT/Help Desk time?

Print Management

By outsourcing your printing environment to LaserCycle, together we will discover how to improve your efficiencies, cut costs, and reduce waste. This can be accomplished without leasing expensive new equipment since LaserCycle is vendor neutral. Click here to request information.

By analyzing your device activity such as pages counts, yields and location, through our technology, LaserCycle's experienced team helps you manage your printer/copier fleet. The automation of the printer fleet enables quick responses for service and increased first trip resolution, thus reducing down time. The pages are billed on a Cost Per Page (CPP) basis so you only pay for what you print, avoiding the problems with toners being swapped out too soon or credits on defectives. The information allows the adjustment of the printer fleet to make sure that the departments or teams have the appropriate equipment to handle the work and provides an on-ramp to document management. It also allows the tracking of the number of prints by department or cost center for budgetary purposes.

LaserCycle uses software to automate the monitoring of your entire printer/copier fleet and give real-time data of your output workflow. Similar to the gauges on a car, the information obtained is only about the machine itself not the person driving the car. Thus the printer software only looks at the printer and its needs, not the information sent to the printers.

One to three percent of a company's cost can be directly linked to printing; LaserCycle's Print Management will help reduce that cost up to thirty percent.