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Print Management: FAQ's

1. How much is your company spending on printing? (Think printer cartridges, copier leases, copy overages, overnight mail, faxing,
    outsourcing, and soft costs.)

    Your printed output is often one of the last areas of unmanaged expense. Part of our program includes an audit of your current environment.
    Only by understanding your current costs can a strategic plan be implemented.

2. How many networked printers, faxes and copiers do you really have and are they being used efficiently?

    Don't know? You are not alone. Through software monitoring, which is transparent to the customer, LaserCycle will provide solutions to
    help keep your existing fleet at maximum potential and at minimum cost. And because we are vendor neutral, and not focused on selling
    you new equipment, we work with your existing fleet to maximize your investment.

3. When will you have to replace your printers?

    LaserCycle's reporting will show page counts and down-time allowing you to make the right decisions.

4. Does your infrastructure rely on multiple vendors and a cross section of hardware models?

    Soft costs are often invisible on the balance sheet, but can still cut into your budget. Let LaserCycle be your expert outsourcing service
    and take the responsibility of your print environment, including all of the costs associated with repair, maintenance, equipment and supplies.

5. How can you manage supplies and repairs from your desktop?

    The reporting includes email alerts on low toner supplies and device errors, which allows you and LaserCycle to manage the program from
    the desktop. This kind of visibility means inventories are reduced, devices are sized correctly for their environment, processes are improved
    and costs are controlled on an ongoing basis with quarterly reports.