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Jarron Paronto
Director of Operations
Habitat for Humanity KC ReStore
We are often approached with offers of meeting our toner needs. We have been with LaserCycle our entire 12 year existence and always well taken care of by our rep. And innovations such as grenk™ remind us that we, as an innovative green business, are supporting another innovative green business. We are proud and loyal customers.
Tiffani Johnson
Executive Assistant of Administration
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
No one beats LaserCycle's prices, quality, and customer service. I love being able to submit online orders and service requests. Fast, easy, and simple. Simply put, LaserCycle is the leader in their field!
Chad Van Pelt
LAN Administrator
Systems Material Handling
I have been very impressed with the level of service that LaserCycle has provided our company. The tech's are friendly and prompt and get the equipment repaired in a timely manner. Our experience with the toner has been good as well. Minus a few defective cartridges, we have not had any other issues with the product. Overall our experience is far superior to our previous vendor.
Bob Regnier
Bank of Blue Valley
We like and use Laser Cycle for several reasons: First and foremost they provide a good product at good prices with exceptional service. Without these three elements we would be hard pressed to maintain an ongoing vibrant relationship. Secondarily, but important to us, is the way in which the company operates. We believe LaserCycle has strong leadership from the top. The organization is empowered to do the right thing for their customers. The organization also is a contributor within the local community. In short it is reflective of all that is great about small business enterprise in the USA.
Cindy Taylor
We have been loyal customers of Lasercycle for many years because of your high level of service and the quality of your products. If there is a problem with a cartridge, you come out and clean the machine right away for free as part of your service. Your level of service and excellent products are one reason that we have not changed suppliers.
Ron Cox
Director of Purchasing and Distribution
Lee's Summit R-7 School District
I think your services are outstanding, our account representative, Josh is the best. Your products do what you say they will do and on occasion when we've experienced a product that doesn't live up to our standards you always make it right.
Don Vinnage
Overland Chiropractic
I have been favorably impressed with LaserCycle for some time. Customer service and sales service have been excellent and consistent. It is relatively easy to recognize a company or service not sophisticated or not professionally managed. When things go smoothly and satisfy our needs we often don't consider it at the time. When it comes time for that service or product again it may be the first consideration of our last experience. We expect excellence and competence in our transactions and often fail to receive them in day to day transactions, the exception stands out. We were impressed when we needed to replace our laser printer and LaserCycle was able to provide a good, serviceable, refurbished printer. Our contract to purchase toner for this laser printer promptly provided the necessary repair at no cost when a roller needed replacing. LaserCycle presents their service honestly, know their products, and keep their word. My three fundamentals in doing business right. I appreciate the opportunity to share my opinion, we discuss your business model in polishing our own.
Alexander Mathew
City of Gardner
The service is good and the technicians are very friendly and courteous.
Brian McGrew
Systems Administrator
Cereal Food Processors, Inc.
Printer issues arise, it's not if but when. Your service has been impeccable. When an issue has came along (and they do), LaserCycle has always been overachievers. This is the service we provide to our associates at CFP, that's the type of service we have grown accustom to from LaserCycle. Your business model reflects the type of service you provide, team effort. Keep up the great work.
Sara Woods
Every person who I have talked to at LaserCycle has been very friendly and helpful in pointing me in the right direction of the toner I am asking for. Whenever I have any questions or problems I can always count on Jessica or Teresa to provide me with the answer(s). You have fast delivery time and the product is always what I am expecting. I applaud your dedicated and hardworking staff at LaserCycle.
Susan Steen
Records Management Analyst
Kansas City Power & Light
I think your services are great. To be able to order toner cartridges and have them delivered the next day is wonderful; not to mention the pickup of the old empty cartridges to be reused. Thank you for all of your help.
Srikanth Rokkam
Database Administrator
eNSYNC Solutions, Inc.
Great service and good people to work with!
Sheila Bennett
DesignSense, Inc.
What I like best about LaserCycle is their very prompt response to service calls - normally the same day.
Alice Riddle
Personal Banker
Bank of Blue Valley
I like the fact that LaserCycle will pick up empty cartridges to recycle. This is a great service. Your service is fast and anytime we have had a problem it has been taken care of in a professional manner.
Marty Katz
Account Manager
What I like best about LaserCycle is their customer service. My favorite thing about LaserCycle is their turnaround time for delivery.
Paula Bradfield
Executive Assistant
Time Warner Cable
I think LaserCycle is terrific because your representatives are so patient and helpful and you provide me with next-day service. Thank you for all you do.
Elizabeth Tripses
Tech Support / Core Data Secretary
Center School District #58
Because of contract commitments, we don't use LaserCycle for all our toner cartridges. We do, however, utilize your provider services for some items. I am always impressed with the professionalism and prompt services we receive. Joshua Trask is our sales rep and we love him. He quickly responds when I have a question. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and gives us special care. He is a true gem.
Linda Bayless
Business Manager
DeVry University
I have been a customer from the inception of LaserCycle, probably close to one of their first repeat customers. Why? Because they deliver on everything; price, product, delivery, customer services, and technical services - the BEST!!!!!!
Erin Shoemake
Office Administrator
Midwest Medical
We chose LaserCycle as our provider because they were less than half the price of other retails AND we could have it delivered for FREE!!!! What a life saver!
Steven Myers
Ambassador Steel
What I like best about LaserCycle is the "family like feel" I always get when I call in or email my orders in. The quick turnaround time on my orders has shocked me. This is the great service of days gone by. If you want to check one more line off your worry list you have come to the right company.
Jennifer Lalumondier
Purchasing & Distrubtion Services Secretary
Lee's Summit R-7 School District
What I like best about LaserCycle is their customer services. Our account reps...Josh and Jessica are the best. They are very knowledgeable and very helpful with the district's needs. My favorite thing about LaserCycle is when I place an order, I receive it the following business day. LaserCycle rocks!
Anissa Johnson
Contract Negotiator
Kansas City Power & Light
What I like best about LaserCycle is my rep, Josh Trask. Josh is always available whenever needed and provides prompt and outstanding support.
Michael Christ
Operations Manager
We have been avid users of the products and services that LaserCycle provides for almost 15 years. I have seen this company grow immensely in size and in distribution but the thing that sticks out to me the most are these three critical components of every successful relationship between vendor and customer:

1) Products - They have what you need, when you need it!
2) Quality - They provide the highest quality products.
3) Customer Relations - They obviously pride themselves on "taking care of their customers!"

I have not once been left to think that I was just another number in the system. I'm a valued customer and they treat me as if "we don't do him right then someone else will!" It starts with the good people on the front lines who represent the LaserCycle name and every great Manager knows and understands that. Thank you for 15 great working relationship years! Honest!
Suzanne Rakes
Celtic Property Management
What I like best about LaserCycle is the affordable ink, friendly customer service who is always willing to help and price new products we may need, as well as fast delivery. I like ordering one day and receiving the delivery the next! Keep it up! Thank you!
Sam Hettinger
Systems Administrator
Victorian Trading Company
I appreciate the communication that LaserCycle provides. It is great to get a quick response from our Account Manager and if he has to pass it along I always receive an answer promptly from that person as well. The service is always presented with a smile, even when I may be a pest with questions. The saying the customer is always right is undoubtedly wrong, but few companies understand the concept of that statement, Lasercycle is one of them.
Shannon Casey
Treat America Food Services
I love the rapid delivery I receive from LaserCycle and the availability of the items I need. Keep up the great work!!
Lauren Warthen
Accounts Payable Clerk
Garder-Edgerton School District
What I like best about LaserCycle is the prompt and courteous service, along with the competitive prices.?Whenever I call with a billing question, Jennifer, Jessica, and others that answer are VERY helpful and kind. THANK YOU!!
Debra Luby
Kansas City Transportation Group
I have always had great customer service and the staff has been very helpful. Anytime I do not have a product number they are always helpful in locating that product, whether it's a new item or one that is not in stock. They have always provided both the OEM and compatible options for us to choose from. We never have had any issues whatsoever. This is our only supplier of printer supplies that we currently use.
David Walburn
KC Legends/Soccer Excellence, Inc.
The employees at LaserCycle are so helpful and knowledgeable. I was not even in the building for two minutes before their technician was able to tell me what was wrong with my printer. The next day I was back there with my working printer and our business was up and running smoothly again. Everyone that I talked to was very professional and caring. Thank you LaserCycle.
Vanessa Christian
eNSYNC Solutions, Inc.
The five great things I like about Laser Cycle are:

1. Green Products
2. Reliable Fast Service
3. E-mails - Monthly
4. Affordable Pricing
5. Terrific Customer Service

"GREAT Company" and wouldn't do business anywhere else and get such GREAT service.
Alisha Rice
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Cleaves-Bessmer-Marietti, Inc.
I like working with LaserCycle because I can always count on them to have what I need, or to find it for me. Ordering is quick and easy and we almost always have our supplies the next business day.
Tim Soptick
Manager of Business Development
What I like best about LaserCycle is they are by far the best at what they do! My favorite thing about LaserCycle is they are an cco-friendly company! We chose LaserCycle as our provider because they respond quickly to our needs, are dependable, and price competitive!
Gary Showalter
Quality Systems
The name of my company begins with the word Quality. This word also describes the product and service rendered by LaserCycle.
Joy Poling
Shepherd's Staff Food Pantry
It would be difficult to narrow it down to one reason as to what I like best about LaserCycle.

- Low prices
- Friendly staff
- Great customer service

My favorite thing about LaserCycle is the family atmosphere and the fact they are a green company. I chose LaserCycle because of low prices and reliable, quality products. I purchase products for two non-profits which enables us to use money to benefit the people we serve.
Chauncey Davis
Hospitality Management Systems
What I like best about LaserCycle is they are right down the street. They always have what I need, so when I run out of something, ten minutes later they have it ready for me.
Dennis Barr
Manager of Information Technology
Larkin Group, Inc.
We've used LaserCycle's services and products for several years and have never had any reason to question the quality of service or the integrity of the company. I would highly recommend LaserCycle as a business partner - good products, good service, and good customer care.
Janelle Giannola
American Century Investments
I am very pleased with LaserCycle's service. I order quite a bit and never has an item been out of stock or been delayed in shipping. This is important to me since usually when I order a toner, I'm completely out and need quick turnaround and next day service has been great. Even if it's 2nd day, still good. The cookies you attached were a nice touch even though sometimes they were broken, I appreciate the gesture.
Becky Hanika
IS Coordinator
Physicians Business Network
What I like best about LaserCycle is they worked very close with me on prices for everything we use. My favorite thing about LaserCycle is once we made contact they kept in contact with me to make sure we received all the information needed was received and prices were competitive. Since we've used LaserCycle our orders are delivered the next day and that is something we look for as a business, how soon we can expect our order. I also love the choice to either call LaserCycle or put my order online through their web site.
Karen Regan
Gastrointestinal Associates, P.A.
We chose LaserCycle so we could save money on all the toner we use in our office, prices are great, service is great and we love the cookies!!!! Very satisfied office!! Thank you for making my job easier.
Robin Crawford
Heartland Hematology Oncology
I like working with LaserCycle as they are prompt in several areas: delivery of my toners, fixing problems with our printers, and when I have had a problem with a bad toner cartridge the problem is resolved fast and without question. I have tried several other places, BUT I have always come back to LaserCycle for the best prices and service. Thanks for being a company so many can rely on.
Q. Johnson
Administrative Assistant
MMC Contractors
My favorite thing about LaserCycle isn't really a "thing" at all! It's more of a "feeling." A feeling of happiness in knowing that myself and my company will always be treated like we're LaserCycle's number one client, with respect and outstanding customer care. A feeling of satisfaction in never having to doubt the high level of products provided. And, a feeling of trust, not only trust in consistent customer care and product value, but also in knowing that if a problem or issue ever does arise, that it will be resolved to my/our company's satisfaction quickly and with the utmost integrity! It is truly my pleasure to be a LaserCycle client, they (Teresa especially) make my work life a breeze (which is a very good feeling) and I sincerely appreciate that!