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Print Management Monitoring Systems

Magic 1500
The most non-invasive remote monitoring solution on the market, the Magic 1500 is a 1U rack mountable appliance that is installed in the customer's server room.

MagicSoft is a software version of the Magic 1500 appliance. Although it must be downloaded onto a customer's server or other network attached computer, the solution is still less invasive than other solutions. Once downloaded and installed, MagicSoft monitors print devices exactly like the Magic 1500, polling the MIB of the devices and sending data back to the application such as maintenance parameter and printer diagnostics data, such as toner usage, printer duty cycle, maintenance alerts, page counts, cartridge yields, and over two dozen other data attributes.

This data is transmitted to a server where it is stored, compiled into a relational database, from which information can be retrieved and subsequently analyzed to manage and optimize a print environment. Data from non-networked print devices can be manually entered into the database or MagicL can be
deployed (see below). It must be downloaded onto a computer that is networked, preferably a server.

MagicL is a downloadable plug-in that can work with either the Magic 1500 Network appliance or
MagicSoft software remote monitoring solution. Its function is to expand the capabilities of network
attached devices, and allow service providers to remotely monitor locally attached devices in their
customers' print environments and query their status periodically.

Once downloaded and deployed, MagicL will discover all locally attached devices in the domain
and send data back to the web application. It will allow the service provider to monitor locally
attached devices and generate support tickets and page counts. Like the Magic 1500 and MagicSoft,
MagicL allows the service provider to customize settings on the appliance, including polling intervals
and what areas of the customer's network to scan for locally attached devices.

System Requirements
Windows XP or later. You must have administrator rights to deploy. The firewall must be turned off on
any computers to be monitored and WMI must be enabled. In certain cases, the RPC Service must be
manually started on an individual computer to allow communication.