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LaserCycle's Green Initiatives

LaserCycle's award winning green team is proud to actively care about the environment. In 2010, we won
the “gold” level in the Johnson County Solid Waste Department’s Corporate Challenge. In 2011, we increased
our efforts, and proudly accepted the top "emerald" Award. Today we are constantly looking for ways to become
better environmental stewards and raise awareness that every endeavor, either small or large, helps our planet.

Each and every year, LaserCycle continues to find new opportunities to practice environmentally
sustainable business practices.

These practices include (but are not limited to):
Use of filtered vs. bottled water within the workplace.
Converting to energy effecient lighting.
Recycling office paper.
Resale of locally produced products to lower fuel consumption.
Partnership for the environmental disposal of office equipment and work place electronics.
Consultation on migrating print fleets to more efficient "Energy Star" models.
Use of electronic vs. print newsletters, communications, and invoices.
Recycling containers throughout the facility for paper, plastics, cardboard, and metals.
Customer pick-up and collection sites for the recapture of used printer cartridges for remanufacturing.