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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service Reduces Waste with Electronic
Recycling, Innovative Cleaning Methods, and Green Office Supplies

Green Results
Hangers Cleaners initially came to life when Owner Joe Runyan became dissatisfied with cleaning
materials on the market and turned to a green concept, utlizing carbon that would revolutionize the
industry. "I was hooked," said Runyan. "So, I started a green dry cleaner." Shortly thereafter,
Runyan opened the first eco-friendly dry cleaning business of its kind in Kansas City.

Green Successes
Although Runyan has not been able to measure specific green results, it is clear grenk™ has played
a vital role in his business and promotion of green initiatives. "It is just a part of our overall effort.
Our employees and guests see that we are 'walking the walk' when it comes to green," Runyan said.

Progress & Future Goals
While most businesses have been forced to drastically change tactics in response to less than
ideal economic conditions, Hangers Cleaners has experienced anything but a slump. The business
actually saw revenue growth and Runyan credits strong company fundamentals. "The fact we
are green, is just icing on the cake!"