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Barkley's Green Recycling Diverts Electronic Waste from Landfill

Barkley's Recycling Results
Currently, Barkley has sponsored four Green Solutions Electronic Waste Drives, diverting more
than 8,000 pounds of waste from area landfills. The company has worked hard to remain true to
its commitment to be green by reducing its waste via recycling, utilizing eco-friendly products and
incorporating daily operational energy-saving tactics.

Why Be Green?
Additionally, Barkley launced Planet Fresh in 2008 to reduce the agency's carbon footprint and
formalized a strategic sustainability plan. According to Kelly Francis, technology liason director at
Barkley, "Whether it is using the power of services or the power of people, Barkley engages in a
variety of projects that seek to benefit others."

Green Achievements
Planet Fresh has paid off. Overall, the agency has experienced a desirable decrease in regular
trash, an increase in recycled items and a reduction in overall energy consumption. Barkley is
using paper made from recycled materials and recycled ink and toner cartridges called grenk™.

Barkley encourages its employees to print fewer e-mails, use both sides of paper when printing,
use color only when necessary, and biogradable dishware. Additionally, Planet Fresh partners
have been given their own personal, reusable shopping totes.

Green Progress
Barkley is participating in an electronic reycling challenge. The equipment recycle programs are
organized twice a year and encourage employees to bring in old electronic items from home to
be recycled. The agency intends to continue its green practices and leadership in the green
business movement. According to Francis, "The employee response has been very positive.
My response to that is: thank you for keeping these types of things out of landfills."