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About grenk™...

grenk™ boxes are produced under SFI chain-of-custody classification.

No tape! A proprietary pad and re-usable clips eliminate the need for tape on
    remanufacutred inkjet cartridges.

Storage clips are returned for reuse or recycling.

Unusable components are placed into a best-practices recycling stream.
    Nothing is thrown away.

Blades, gears, and OPC drums are reconditioned and reused whenever possible.

Storage bags are made from a new degradable polyethylene film. Unlike standard
    bags, the degradable bag breaks down within months instead of years.

Every cartridge is test-printed before shipment.

Packaging material to proect the cartridge inside the box consist of either air
    pillows reducing the amount of plastic used or a degradable bag filled with shredded
    test paper.

The cartridges are reused for their original intended purpose if possible. If not, the
    metals are stripped from the cartridge and recycled.

The high petroleum content plastic housings are either sent to Systech, a division
    of Lafarge Concrete, in Sugar Creek, MO, where it is ground down and used
    instead of natural fossil fuels in the production of cement, or are reused to make blocks
    for parking lots.